What are the steps in applying a NBI clearance thru ONLINE APPLICATION

You may go online at www.nbi.gov.ph/clearance/ for the online application Maari kang bumisita sa www.nbi.gov.ph/clearance/ para sa ONLINE APPLICATION.
Fill up the application form online.  Please provide information correctly.  After a successful online application,  print the said form bearing your assigned Registration Code . For those who have no printer, write down the Registration Code . Ibigay ang tamang impormasyong na hinihingi sa application form. Pagkatapos mong makumpleto ang iyong impormasyon , i-print o isulat ang binigay sa iyong Registration Code
Proceed to NBI Main Clearance Center , UN Avenue Manila , present your Registration Code and pay the corresponding clearance fee Pumunta sa aming Clearance Center , UN Avenue, Manila, ipakita ang inyong Registration Code at magbayad ng kaukulang halaga ng clearance
Naturalization, Cancellation of Alien Certificate                                                           Php 415.00
Of Registration (ACR) ,  Repatriation      
Business Requirement , Change of Name                                                                        Php 165.00
Permit to Carry Firearms, Firearms License , Adoption
NFA, POEA, PRA, SEC , NTC, ACR  Requirement
Special Investor’s Residence Visa, 
Travel Abroad, Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada,                                                              Php 115.00
Central America,  Europe, Hongkong, Libya, Micronesia,
Middle East, New Zealand,  North America, Palau,
Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Saipan, Singapore,
South America,  Taiwan, USA
 Passport Renewal,  For Deportation, Self Deportation
 Immigration Requirement,
Visa Australia, Canada, China,  New Zealand,
Visa Seaman, Seawoman,  USA
Local Employment, Change of Gender,  For Probation                                              Php 115.00
Correction of Birthdate, Enlistment AFP, For Promotion,
Enlistment PNP, ID Purposes, Custom’s Pass ID
Student Visa, Lateral Entry,  Seaman, Seawoman’s Book
BID, CA, LTO, NSO, PNP, SSS, DND, DOT  , Marriage and
Other Requirement,
Proceed to ONLINE APPLICATION Counter located at the 3rd Floor , Main Clearance Center for the capturing of your image and fingerprint biometrics Pumunta sa ONLINE APPLICATON Counter na matatagpuan sa 3rd Floor ng Clearance Center para magpakuha ng inyong picture at fingerprint biometrics
NO HIT” applicant , proceed to Releasing Section, for the printing and issuance of your NBI clearance certificate. “WITH HIT” applicant, you will be advised to come back on the release date written at the back of your Official Receipt (OR). When advised to proceed to Quality Control Section for interview, your clearance will be issued upon evaluation and cleared by the QC Interviewer. Kung ikaw ay “NO HIT” na aplikante, makukuha mo na ang iyong NBI clearance certificate sa Releasing Section. Kung “WITH HIT”, ikaw ay pababalikin sa petsa na nakasulat sa likod ng iyong resibo. Kung ikaw ay kailangang ma-interview sa Quality Control Section, ang iyung NBI clearance certificate ay ma-iisyu pagkatapos mapatunayang walang kaso o walang nakabinbin na kaso o pananagutan sa batas